An Associate Degree in Nursing has taken Cathy Hinton far in life. Not physically, she is still within 15 miles of her hometown, but career-wise. Upon graduation, she began at the NC Department of Correction as a Staff Nurse. Hinton was later promoted to Lead Nurse, Regional Nurse Supervisor, and now supervises a staff of 132 nurses as the Director of Nursing.

“An education in Nursing at Sandhills is second-to-none,” said Hinton. “I did as well on the licensure exam as students from UNC because I was so well prepared. The program was tough, but it prepared me for the challenges I would face and gave me the discipline I would need to be successful.”

“Because I had a family,” she continued, “it was difficult going to college. The financial aid I received was a great help. I wasn’t able to join clubs or participate in extra-curricular activities but I did form some very close friendships. There were four of us who regularly studied together and we are friends to this day.”

Disclaimer: This success story was written in 2012 and as such reflects the position of the graduate at that time. They may now hold a different position or work for a different company.

Cathy Hinton