Friends in College, Business Partners After Graduation

Both Amie O’Connor and Ginni Pimentel agree that the Therapeutic Massage program at Sandhills fully prepared them to be successful in their field. The women are now business partners, founding Sandhills Therapeutic Effects. They are located at 239 W. Pennsylvania Avenue in Southern Pines. “Without Sandhills I would have never found my passion, which fuels … Continue reading Friends in College, Business Partners After Graduation

Instructor Spotlight- Crystal Wambeke

Certified Bookkeeper Crystal Wambeke will lead eight seminars, including three hands-on workshops concerning financial statements during Fall Semester. For the past 9 years, Crystal has been assisting small businesses with accounting and bookkeeping. She offers bookkeeping training and consulting to small businesses and individuals and provides education and seminars to start-up businesses that want to … Continue reading Instructor Spotlight- Crystal Wambeke

Spotlight- Cristi Ryan, Alumni

Non-traditional SCC graduate Cristi Ryan took advantage of the gift the college offered to all graduates. The week after commencement Cristi attended a Working Smart class. The class was offered to help grads learn critical, work-related interpersonal skills and to increase the probability of success in the workplace. Participants learned useful work and practical life … Continue reading Spotlight- Cristi Ryan, Alumni

Spotlight- Brian Collins, Structural Maintence Technician

Even though he has been at Sandhills for only a few months, Brian Collins has already seen what a special place the college is to work. “The atmosphere is great,” he said. “We have such a beautiful campus. There are many opportunities to grow and experience educational development.” While at Pinecrest High School, Brian took … Continue reading Spotlight- Brian Collins, Structural Maintence Technician