Meet a Woman Who Operates at High Octane

"Jackie Boron is finishing up an MBA, teaching full-time at Sandhills Community College and preparing for a 12-mile stand-up paddleboard race, all while raising two kids single-handedly. She also, apparently, has time to play piano, practice her aim, and help co-workers reach fitness goals in the school's CrossFit gym. Oh, did we mention that she spent years … Continue reading Meet a Woman Who Operates at High Octane

Partnering for Success

When community colleges work hand-in-hand with local businesses, phenomenal results can occur. Just ask Situs, a multinational real estate company with offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, Copenhagen, and Robbins. The SCC Management and Business Technologies curriculum program teamed with the Continuing Education customized training program to provide Situs trained individuals needed … Continue reading Partnering for Success

Sandhills Horticultural Society Summer Events

Register by emailing or call Tricia Mabe at 910-695-3882 Growing Garlic June 8 (Thursday) 10AM to Noon – Ball Visitors Center Instructor Norma Burns will teach you how to plant, grow and harvest garlic – plus a “hands on” cooking demonstration. Horticultural Society Members $15, non-members $20. Create a Birdbath June 16 (Friday) 10AM … Continue reading Sandhills Horticultural Society Summer Events

Getting Started in a Career in Business

For a solid foundation to business knowledge and entry into employment in a wide variety of occupations, a degree, certificate or diploma in business from Sandhills is an excellent starting point. Business Administration For those interested in the free enterprise system, we offer a five-semester associate degree and a three-semester diploma in Business Administration. Certificates … Continue reading Getting Started in a Career in Business