Director of Marketing and Public Relations- Karen Manning

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.44.56 PM.pngAs the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Karen handles all promotions and advertising for Sandhills. “My job is so varied; I look forward to what each day will hold,” she said. “I plan all of our marketing, handle all of our graphic design and print production, write press releases, write and produce radio spots and promo videos, design and place our social media and print ads, handle our photography — pretty much anything you see promoting the college, except the website, has come through my hands.”

Her education and work experiences uniquely prepared Karen for her position. She holds a BS in Graphic Design and a BSBA in Marketing from Appalachian State University. “I have been doing graphic arts for so long I remember when cut and paste meant an X-Acto knife and rubber cement,” she joked. Karen has worked for the college for 12 years.

“My husband and I entered an entirely new phase of life in the past year,” she said. “Our son took a promotion with Cisco and moved to Denver, our daughter (my best friend) moved to Nevada, and I began caring for my elderly mother in our home.”

As she was preparing the class schedule a few years ago, Karen noticed a Continuing Education oil painting class would be offered. Having not painted with oils since junior high, she signed up and has rediscovered her love of painting. “I’m very much a realistic painter,” Karen said, “I often wish I could loosen up and paint more like the impressionists.”

Karen is the Advisor for the CRU club at Sandhills and serves on the Women’s Ministry at Christ Community Church. (And yes, I had to write this about myself and it was a bit uncomfortable.)

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