Shenika Ward- Director of Student Life

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.44.22 PM.png“Sandhills is a phenomenal place to work,” says Shenika Ward. “What sets it apart is its consistent theme of helpfulness. The people here live and breathe helpfulness.”

As the Director of Student Life, Shenika is daily exhibiting the core value of helpfulness herself. Whether it is making others aware of Student Life activities, assisting Student Government Association members, managing the Game Room, or helping students begin clubs, she supports the “Engage” part of the college’s new tagline.

Shenika and her college sweetheart husband have two children, a boy and a girl, ages three and five. Because of her daughter’s autism diagnosis, she is an advocate for inclusion and equity.

“What has been most encouraging since beginning at the college two years ago,” she said, “is how important family is to the administration. I’ve worked at places where employees are always expected to put work before family. The administration at Sandhills cares deeply about each of us as individuals.”

Shenika is originally from Burlington, NC. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Fayetteville State University and a Master of Arts in Education from UNC-Pembroke.

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