Gwen Russell- Director of Career Development Services

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.44.11 PM.pngLike many in the area, the military brought Gwen Russell to our part of the state. Originally from Baltimore, MD, she has been at the college for almost ten years.

A community college graduate herself, Gwen attended Baltimore Community College and later Morgan State University, where she earned a BA in English. She received a Master of Arts in Human Resources and Development from Webster University.

As the Director of Career Development Services, Gwen works with students to help them determine career options suited to their interests and strengths and sets them on the path to achieve such a profession. She finds it most fulfilling to see the progress students make while at SCC and helping them look their very best on a résumé.

In her downtime, Gwen enjoys live theatre, movies, and reading. She also enjoys traveling. She lived in Germany for five years and fondly recalls her visits to Paris, Amsterdam, the Black Forest, and Munich. She has two adult children, a daughter who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and a son who graduated from Rutgers University.

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