Ryan Riggan- Director of Recruiting

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.43.57 PMIf he could tell a high school student just one thing, it would be to take four classes at Sandhills while they are still in high school. Why? Because in doing so, it would qualify them for two full tuition-free years of college at Sandhills. “There are steps to qualifying for the Sandhills Promise,” he said, “and even if you don’t know what you want to major in when you get to college, you can have prerequisite classes under your belt.”

An Aberdeen native, a graduate of Pinecrest High School, and a former Sandhills student himself, Ryan taught in NC public schools for 11 years after graduating from Appalachian State University.

Ryan has been the Director of Recruiting at the college for just over a year. “Sandhills is a great place to work because everyone takes pride in doing their jobs,” he said. “In recruiting students, I firmly believe that if someone visits our campus, they will decide to attend college here. When you see how well maintained everything is, when you get to see how friendly everyone is, and when you get to experience how helpful everyone is, you can truly understand how great a place this is. From the moment I walked onto the campus, I could tell how much everyone wanted to be here.”

Ryan’s wife, Alicia, works at the college as well. She is a Physical Education Instructor and the Women’s Volleyball Coach. The two have a six-year-old daughter, Brooklyn.

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