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Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 9.53.24 AM.png“Take a moment to revisit what Coach Jef Moody called the story of the “Cinderella” season.  Many of these young scholars and athletes came to us in the Fall semester for cross country, surprised us then with 3rd – (men) and 8th – (women)  place finishes in the national championship, then flabbergasted us again with performances at the track and field national championships that resulted in 6 national titles and 3 All-American honors.

And if you doubt the “scholar” moniker, check out the initial 2018 academic report on these bright stars:

Credits QP GPA Average Hours Completed
Basketball 826 2219 2.686 13.5
Volleyball 570 1772 3.109 12.6
W Golf 198 722 3.646 15.0
M Golf 217 576 2.654 11.2
W XC 324 1052 3.247 13.7
M XC 471 1408 2.989 11.2
All TF 180 504 2.800 11.7
2231 6731 3.017  


3 Teams 3.0 or higher overall

Women’s Golf 3.652

Women’s Cross Country 3.28

Volleyball 3.12


13 Individual(s) 3.6 or higher overall

Leah Salzwedel 4.0 VB

Rachael Mashburn 4.0 VB

Paige Garner 3.6 VB

Alicia Dunlap 4.0 WG

Danielle Mirovich 3.6 WG

Chris Kraft 4.0 MG

Jordan Annehiem 3.6 XC

Ryan Baer 3.8 XC

John Grimm 3.7 XC

Daniel Taylor 4.0 XC/T&F

Sara Lindell 3.6 XC/T&F

Izzy McNeil 3.6 XC

Alex Worley 3.7 T&F

Special thanks to Coach Moody, conditioning coach Tim Nocton, Flyers “first man of wayward journeys” Ricky Hill, and our architect of successful athletics Aaron Denton.  Bravo to Charlie Bergmann for the words that share the stories.  And thanks to the Flyer Wunderkids for a spectacular finish to a year of fleet feet and fast times.

One more note: Coach Alicia Riggan has agreed to serve as Interim Athletic Director while we conduct a search for the “right man/woman to put on the bus” with our athletic programs.  If you have questions, direct them to Alicia and Dr. D. and I will help her search for answers.”

-Ron Layne


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