Bloomin News- “Tools Essential to My Gardening”

There are many tools that I choose to use in the garden. From hand tools like shovels and rakes to power equipment for bigger jobs, and also the internet for information and ideas, especially when it’s raining.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.11.56 PM.pngBut the two tools I am seldom without in the garden are my pruners and my pruning saw. My personal choice of pruners is a by-pass type pruner, preferably a Felco #2 pruner, of which I have probably five pairs. I like to accompany my Felco pruners with a Felco 60 folding pruning saw (the smaller one), this way I feel I am outfitted with two tools that can accomplish almost any pruning job that I come across.

Both tools are very well made and serviceable. They can be disassembled to clean, sharpen and replace all parts, including the blade. Note: (Don’t throw away the little tool that comes with your pruners, this is used to easily disassemble them for service). These Felco tools are not inexpensive but should last a lifetime, if not lost. These same two tools are required for our students to have the first semester in Gardening Laboratory and are stocked for them at the college bookstore.

When I venture outside to walk through my own garden I will clip on my pruners and put my saw in my back pocket. This way when I see something that needs shaping, deadheading or cutting back I’m much more likely to handle it then and it’s done, time permitting. Also, it helps to have the tool with you when you notice the job that needs doing. When pruning, be wary, you may get so involved you lose track of time, but then again, that’s what I call the joy of gardening.

-Jim Westmen

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