NEW Fall Con. Ed. Culinary Classes

Slicing, Dicing, and Salmon En Papillote


You’ve equipped your kitchen with all the basics and more, but how confident are you about using the tools it takes to create a delicious dish? Cooking without knowing how to properly slice and dice can make your time in the kitchen feel like a chore. This course teaches you about knife basics like choosing the proper knife, care, and sharpening, and most importantly, how to use them safely and correctly to enhance the look and taste of your cooking. And once we’ve mastered a few basic techniques, we’ll use our new found knife skills to prepare and enjoy “Salmon En Papillote”.  This meal is prepared in a parchment paper envelope and can be customized to make weeknight cooking quick with easy cleanup, delicious, and enjoyable.

Instructor: Angela Webb. 127 Little Hall. $75.

CEU: .3   Class #3048    Monday, Sept 25th   9-Noon

Beyond Slicing and Dicing: Buddha Bowl Express


Without knowing how to properly and efficiently use your kitchen tools can make preparing healthy meals feel like a chore. This course builds upon the basic knife skills taught in the previous course while still reviewing safety, identification, techniques, and care to enhance the look and taste of your culinary creations. You will gain hands-on experience learning to master the basic cuts while making a delicious Buddha bowl for lunch. This is a fast and delicious way to blend regional flavor profiles together. We will also taste and smell an array of herbs and spices and learn how to pair and combine to customize this meal for a quick, simple and healthy weeknight meal.

Instructor: Angela Webb. 127 Little Hall. $75.

CEU: .3   Class #3049   Monday, October 2nd 9-Noon

For sanitation and safety, all students participating in culinary courses need to arrive wearing long pants, or skirt, long sleeved shirts, non-slip closed toed shoes (sneakers OK) and loose hair pulled back.

To register or for more information: (910) 695-3980 or 1-800-338-3944, ext. 3980

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