Short-Term Training for a Career in Healthcare Less than $250!

Continuing Education Scholarships are Available!!!
Classes begin as early as next week. 

Learn required skills to become a certified EKG Technician and work in a variety of healthcare settings. Topics include cardiac anatomy and physiology, cardiac cycle, EKG strip analysis, 12 lead EKG, and EKG procedures.

Pinehurst Campus
Instructor: Ann Rowe
104 Van Dusen Hall
3306                Aug 21- Dec 13                     MW                 6-9:00pm

Sandhills Hoke Center
Instructor: Cathy Hester
109 Johnson Hall
3307                Aug 24-Dec 14                      TTh                 5:30-8:30 pm



Designed to prepare students for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam and for entry-level employment. Topics include technical procedures for preparing and dispensing prescriptions, packaging and labeling, controlled substance procedures, inventory control, pharmacy calculations, and over-the-counter drugs. Upon completion, students will be able to perform basic supervised dispensing techniques in a community pharmacy setting.
Instructor: Kim Kremer, Pharm-D, B.S. Chemistry
211 Van Dusen Hall
3317         Aug 24-Dec 14          TTh         6-9:30pm


Learn the skills necessary to draw blood specimens in various healthcare settings and blood donation centers. Topics include venipuncture, specimen handling, record-keeping, and the healthcare profession. A Work Keys Reading for Information test, drug screening, background check, and current immunizations are required for registration.
Please email for a complete list of program requirements.

Sandhills Hoke Center
Instructor: Rachel Hall, CPT
109 Johnson Hall
3322               Aug 21 – Dec 13   MW       6-9pm        |  Clinical MTWThF      8am-4:30pm    |     4SA  9am-3pm

Call 910-695-3980 to register. 

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