Alumni Spotlight- Marina Figueroa

figueroam.jpgIf you ask Marina Figueroa her favorite memory from her time at Sandhills, she will respond that she had “an experience of a lifetime” when her Therapeutic Massage class was given the opportunity to apply sports massage techniques to the Carolina Panthers.

Although the thought of applying at Sandhills was a daunting one, Marina found the Student Services Department to be tremendously helpful during the enrollment process and felt it set her up for success for the entirety of her time at SCC. While many people may believe learning massage is simply learning how to give a good backrub, Marina points out the SCC Therapeutic Massage program teaches many different aspects of massage including, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and ethics. They also offer massages through their clinic for the general public which enables the students to apply their techniques and gives clients the chance to receive a massage and give feedback.

In 2016, Marina graduated with her degree in Therapeutic Massage and soon put her degree to use working part-time at The Spa at Pinehurst. A typical day at the Spa includes gathering supplies for the massage, welcoming each guest as they arrive, and explaining what to expect during their visit. Marina also works at SCC as a Human Resources Assistant.

Marina moved to Sanford from California when she was just six years old. She enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her dog, family, and friends. She plans on continuing her career as a licensed massage therapist but would like to earn a bachelor’s degree in the future.

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