Spotlight- Gareth DesJardin, Applied Science

Gareth2.jpgWhen an updated map was needed for the Online Virtual Tour of the campus, Gareth DesJardin stepped in to assist the Marketing Department of the college to generate a 3D map of the campus. Gareth recently earned a certificate in Gaming and Simulation Development and is taking classes toward an Associate in Applied Science in the program. He tells flight Path he likes the fact that the classes at the college are small enough to allow for more personalized instruction and assistance. His favorite class has been a Simulation and Game Development class in Modeling. Even in his free time, he enjoys 3D modeling, as well as technical art, design, and video games. Gareth hopes to one day create his own video game or work for a game design studio.

See Gareth’s map on the inside back cover of this publication or on the Virtual Tour of the campus found at His map is also available for print as a pdf at this link. Gareth also created a motion graphic video of the campus. You can view it on the college’s YouTube page (

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