An SCC Graduate is Ready for Greater Challenges

Pat Riley could have been speaking to Dillon Glazewski when he said, “If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges.” Dillon Glazewski is not the sort of person to allow anyone or anything hold him back from a task once he has set his mind to accomplish it. Doing his best and never giving up has proved the recipe for success for this young man.


As an Army family, the Glazewski’s arrived in North Carolina from Germany 21 years ago. Dillon attended Ireland Drive Middle School in Fayetteville, was home educated, completed the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program at Sandhills and then obtained his High School Equivalency diploma from Sandhills Community College. Dillon’s two siblings attended Sandhills. That, combined with attentive instructors and encouraging friends, has made Dillon want to go further with his education. “All people are welcome at SCC and the teachers are helpful, friendly, and awesome,” Dillon said.

“Dillon is a student who always immersed himself in learning,” said Deb Favinger, one of Dillon’s instructors. “He loves learning and always asks a lot of questions. A quote from Ramana Maharshi aptly applies to Dillon, “No one succeeds without effort. Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.”  Dillon personifies perseverance.

Science and reading are two of his favorite subjects and he plans to continue with classes in conservation, wildlife biology, and art. In his spare time, Dillon enjoys working out, drawing, reading non-fiction, playing video games, watching television, and listening to music.

Dillon graduated from the High School Equivalency program on Friday, May 5 in the Adult High School and High School Equivalency graduation ceremony held in Owens Auditorium. Dillon is moving to Florida where he will attend Santa Fe College, a state college located in Gainesville.


And what is Dillon’s “experience facing and overcoming adversity?” He was diagnosed with Autism before he was two years old. But his determination combined with the support of his family and instructors have proved that Dillon can accomplish any task he sets for himself.

 College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness (CCR) programs at Sandhills Community College provide educational opportunities, at no cost, to adults who need a high school equivalency diploma or who need to improve their academic skills to function more effectively in life or on the job. Each program is designed to meet students’ unique learning needs. Classes are available during the day and evening hours at several convenient locations in Moore and Hoke counties.

Offered are Adult Basic Education, High School Equivalency, Adult High School, and English Language Acquisition. Math Sense and English Sense are taught, helping students who hold a high school diploma with skills needed to succeed in college courses.

Various career pathway opportunities are available for CCR students who wish to accelerate their entry into the workplace. Career pathways include Personal and Home Care Assistant, Nurse Aide Level I, Electrical Level I, START Hospitality, and more.

Two day or two-night orientations are required for CCR classes. Day and night orientations are offered monthly in both Moore and Hoke Counties. Students will be placed according to their ability. Call 910-695-3777 to reserve a seat for orientation.



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