Who Services Our Infrastructure?

The Team That Upkeeps the SCC Facilities.

Maintence Guys.jpeg

The structural and mechanical maintenance employees of Sandhills Community College are instrumental in making things not happen. Things like the air conditioning not going out, paint not peeling from walls, ceiling panels not falling down, or the fire alarm not going off randomly. Facilities Director Doug Smith calls them the “Do-Crew.” He says, “They can do it all. Anything that needs doing, they can do it!” “To make sure things are working as they should, we use a software program designed to manage preventive maintenance,’ said Doug. “It monitors the efficiency of our campus buildings and equipment.” The College Maintenance Department is made up of structural employees and mechanical employees. The Structural employees primarily maintain our campus buildings: walls and paint, windows, doors and locks, roofing, floors, ceilings, and plumbing. They also keep the sidewalks in good condition. Our Mechanical employees maintain the campus electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, boilers, chillers, HVAC controls, and fire alarm systems. The college also has a Fleet Mechanic on staff who doubles as the campus locksmith.

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