Dedication of the Luke Ryan Veterans Center

July 13 was the dedication of the Luke Ryan Veteran Center in the Boyd Library.  Luke Ryan was the nephew of former SCC head librarian, Patty Buelt. He was a petty officer third class in the US Navy when he died tragically in a car accident in 2005. His family traveled from all over the country to attend the dedication ceremony. Read more about the event here, in a great article written by The Pilot.



“My heartfelt thanks to all who made today’s dedication of the Luke Ryan Veterans’ Center possible. That includes a lot of folks—people who came up with the idea, people whose philanthropy made it possible, people who designed and built the Center, and people who contributed to today’s ceremony. My goodness, it was one of those extraordinary days when everything was inspirational. A great day in the life of the college.” – Dr. Dempsey

Photos from the event.

The Luke Joseph Ryan Veteran Center is a place for SCC student veterans to be able to lounge, socialize, and study as well as learn about their VA benefits and have any questions regarding their education answered. It is also a place for the SCC’s student veteran club to meet and for representatives of the American Legion and officers’ associations to connect with younger veterans.

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