Spotlight – Tannre Elizabeth Kirmse

IMG_9169.JPGIf there’s one thing Tannre Elizabeth Kirmse wants other students to know, it’s to take advantage of the free college courses offered at Sandhills. Tannre did just that by enrolling in the Career and College Promise program at SCC and earning a year’s worth of college credits free of tuition as a junior at Union Pines high school. The Career and College Promise program allows high school students to participate in college level classes with no charge for tuition as well as earn transferable college credit.

While attending SCC, Tannre completed the Nursing Aide I course with Shelley Louya and Carolyn Gale. “They truly inspired me to do better…  and to be a better person in the medical field. I learned…a lot of life lessons and I will always hold that (class) close to my heart.” Her time at Sandhills cultivated her love for learning and gave her the drive to accomplish her goals. This includes being a full-time student at Eastern Carolina University as well as opting to take online courses at SCC over the summer break. Eventually, she would like to receive her Master’s in Psychology and minor in Spanish. Then possibly attend PA school so she, “can help children going through terminal illnesses understand…and to help them learn how to cope.”

For now, when not studying or working, Tannre finds time to browse Pinterest for her latest craft project or baking inspiration as well as finds time to relax by reading, writing or drawing. At the end of summer, Tannre will have earned 67 college credits and only graduated high school this past spring.  “Anything is possible if you…never doubt yourself.”






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