Spotlight- Emmet and Mary Logan, Strong Sandhills Supporters

EMLogan.png“Traditional students who attend Sandhills are to be commended, certainly,” says donor Robert Emmet Logan. “But the non-traditional students are even more impressive. Many are poised on a precipice. There is always the danger that they will fall into a life of struggle and hardship. With just a little help, they can get training at Sandhills and start on the road to a better life.”

Mr. Logan and his wife, Mary Logan, Ph.D., make sure that even more students are able to benefit from an education at Sandhills Community College. The Logans have been generous benefactors of the college, including providing the “seed” money for the Nursing Stewardship Program and establishing the Emmet and Mary Logan Assistance Program which has provided financial assistance to students for over a decade.

“Many scholarship recipients are single mothers, living almost a heroic life, working so hard to change their destiny and the lives of their children,” says Mr. Logan, a member of the Sandhills Foundation since 1993. “When we give to Sandhills, we see our money in use and get to meet the students it helps.”

From his youth in Jersey City to an eventual career as an executive for United Parcel Service, Mr. Logan always looked for ways to help the less fortunate. The Logan name is on the campus bookstore and the new Logan Hall which opened in the summer of 2012.

But what the Logans are most enthusiastic about are the Sandhills students.

“With the students at Sandhills I never find a lack of ability or drive,” says Dr. Logan. “What is often missing is opportunity–and providing that is our role.”

Like other supporters of the college, on the occasion of Sandhills’ 50th anniversary, the Logans reflect on what has been accomplished. “You can only imagine how many lives have been changed through a Sandhills’ education!” says Dr. Logan.

Original Source, “50/50” 2012

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