No Slowing Down For This Non-Traditional Student

WS Class

What’s the wife of an Air Force Nurse with five children doing goofing around in a room full of college students?

“When we moved to North Carolina, I had not planned on attending college,” said Cristi Ryan. “Now I am so thankful I did!

Cristi Ryan“Even though I am a non-traditional student, and usually older than the other students in the classroom, I was welcomed by all and have made some incredible friendships at the college.

“I have learned so much by taking classes at Sandhills, but I have learned even more about myself: with enough hard work and determination, I can accomplish anything!”

And accomplish she did. Ryan graduated with an Associates in Arts in May and had a grade point average of 4.0. And that came from factoring in Statistics, Pre-Calculus Algebra and Pre-Calculus Trigonometry. She’s now working on an Associate in Science.

But graduation wasn’t the end of the road. She was found in a Working Smart class the week after commencement. Working Smart was offered as a gift from the college to graduates to help them learn critical, work-related interpersonal skills and increase the probability of success in the workplace.

Participants in the class learned not only useful work skills but practical life skills that will allow them to stand out from the crowd, secure a competitive edge when seeking a job and enhance productivity and the chance of job promotion and career advancement.

Certified Working Smart instructor, Kathy Kennedy says, “In my 45 years of career training, this curriculum is one of the most useful and informative training programs in which I have participated. I am anxious to share Working Smart.”

Ryan is originally from Alaska, graduated from high school in Colorado and has lived in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and now finds herself in Vass. Married for 29 years, she home schooled her five children for 16 years. She didn’t think she would have the opportunity to go back to school herself but pushed herself to attend Sandhills.

“I have enjoyed every minute of it,” she said. “I love learning new concepts and helping others understand them as well.” While a student, Ryan was a math tutor.

“I want to go on and major in math and minor in English and would like to become a math instructor, possibly at the university level.”

At the rate she’s going, nothing is going to slow her down.


One thought on “No Slowing Down For This Non-Traditional Student

  1. Cathi Richardson says:

    Isn’t it GREAT to find out YOU can! So proud of all your hard work while being an “on- top-of-it” wife and mother!

    Glad you’ve decided to never stop learning! That’s the secret of staying Young At Heart!

    God bless,


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