His Side Hustle Actually Pays Dividends


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.33.35 AM

Joe Brown puts the finishing touches on a wine bar he made from an old dresser and reclaimed wood, which he’s donating for this week’s auction to benefit SCC athletics. What a sweetheart.

“When Joe Brown isn’t supervising the cash flow of a major community institution, he’s busy removing those ICP stickers your stupid teenage self stuck all over a family heirloom.

One afternoon last fall, his MBA in the books, the Pinehurst native decided to throw some paint on a couple of old coffee tables. They sold the next day, and voilà! Knotted Pine Restorations was born.

“I realized that I just kind of enjoyed being outside and working with my hands,” he says. “I’ve been artistic since I was a kid, but of course now I’m a finance guy and don’t get to be too creative. This helps me scratch that itch.”

Meet Joe and the rest of the the finance team at Sandhills Community College here. You can also find Joe singing karaoke on some weekends, but we promised not to say where. “

Original Source, The Sway

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