A Good Way to Begin

Rebekah“Like most college freshmen, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up,” professed 2015 SCC graduate Rebekah Dare Guin. I thought I knew, but I changed my mind a few dozen times along the way.

“Sandhills is a wonderful place to test the waters and try out a little bit of everything, without spending tens of thousands of dollars at a university.”

After being homeschooled, Rebekah chose Sandhills because the close proximity to home paired well with the exceptional reputation of its nursing program. She originally felt that she would be “missing out” by attending Sandhills and not a four-year school.

“My high school GPA was not good enough to receive academic scholarships,” Rebekah said. “But after two years at SCC, I left completely debt-free and had improved my GPA such that I received a fully-paid scholarship to UNC-Chapel Hill.”

“I fell in love with the campus and the people at Sandhills,” she said. “I joined clubs, took interesting classes, improved my academic abilities, and found a place where I felt like I belonged.”

Rebekah says Sandhills instructors genuinely care about their students. “I could hardly walk down the hall without having a professor ask about my day and genuinely care about my answer.”

When she learned of her acceptance to UNC, Rebekah hurried to tell her instructors the good news. It was then she realized how much she would miss the SCC campus. “I was excited to be going, but I didn’t want to leave.

“I knew that I had been accepted at UNC because of them. They had taken so much time to work with me, worry with me, dream with me.

“By the time I entered UNC, I had taken classes in art, literature, psychology, history, language, science, and had even had the chance to travel the globe. I entered UNC knowing more about myself than I did at 18, and was able to hit the ground running.”

Being the type not afraid to change her mind or direction, Rebekah ended up earning a Bachelor’s in Media and Journalism with a focus in reporting from UNC. “I don’t know that I will always work in media,” she said, “but I hope never to stop telling stories that matter. Maybe one day I will find myself teaching students journalism or non-fiction creative writing”.

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