NEW Classes! Cooking Keto with SCC’s Kristie Sullivan

We bet you didn’t know that SCC’s Dr. Kristie Sullivan, Dean of Planning and Research is a published healthy cooking author! She will be teaching two brand NEW classes this summer and we want you to join her. If there’s enough interest, we will work on getting hotel discounts as well as an informal dinner at a local restaurant on Saturday evening.

keto kristie.jpgSpecial guests, Kristin Lando Parker and Bill Croft will be joining us. There may be other special guests as well.

Keto on the Go!

Following a clean, whole foods based ketogenic (very low carb) eating plan requires preparing a lot of foods in your own kitchen.  Many of us have busy lives and multiple mouths to feed.  How can we make this work without a drive-thru?

In this three-hour meal prep course, we will learn how to make a work-week worth of fast and easy meals that will keep you on plan and eating the best foods of your life.  Participants will get to sample some foods and will leave armed with recipes, tips, and strategies for keto living in the fast lane!

Instructor:  Kristie Sullivan, Ph.D.

Saturday, July 29 9-noon, Russell Dining Room, Little Hall  cost: $44

Gluten-free, grain-free, and sugar-free me!  Using Alternative Ingredients for a Healthier Lifestyle

Cooking keto requires a little creativity from time to time.  Learn about low carb alternative ingredients used in baking and cooking very low carb foods.  From Miracle biscuits to Miracle noodles and erythritol to xylitol, we will spend some time exploring different properties of ingredients and how to make delicious foods with ingredients that may not have been in your pantry before.  Participants will get to experience first-hand how simple tweaks and tips can change flavor and texture.

Instructor:  Kristie Sullivan, Ph.D.

Sunday, July 30 1-4p, Russell Dining Room, Little Hall  cost: $44

Sign up for both courses and receive a discount!

Use course #2046 if registering for both classes.  Cost: $76

Register in person in Continuing Education on by phone, 910-695-3980

Minimum of 15; maximum of 40 to run classes.

4 thoughts on “NEW Classes! Cooking Keto with SCC’s Kristie Sullivan

  1. Patricia Keegan says:

    Any thoughts of more classes? Just found out about them and they are full. Also have two friends who would likely be interested.

    Or, is there a waitlist for the classes?


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