Why This Day Matters

MH_021835On May 8, 1945, Nazi Germany tendered its unconditional surrender of its armed forces to close the European portion of World War II.  This followed on the heels of Adolf Hitler’s suicide at the end of that April.  Known as VE Day, this date marks the Western European and North American Allies’ acceptance of that surrender.

After Hitler’s suicide, Grand Admiral Donitz served as President of the Third Reich for only a week before deciding it was time to surrender. He personally journeyed to General Eisenhower’s HQ at Reims, France. With senior officers from Britain, America, Russia and France presiding, Germany surrendered unconditionally to the Western and Russian demands.

From our vantage point in history, it is impossible for us to feel the sense of relief that came to the allied nations who stopped Hitler’s plan to achieve world dominance.  But it IS possible for us to remember and to thank the 10% portion of our student population that represents America’s soldiers, veterans, and veteran families who have willingly carried forward the sense of personal sacrifice that made VE Day a reality 72 years ago.


Ronald Layne

SCC Vice President, College Initiatives

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