Go and tell ’em where you from Sha

Submitted by a current SCC student who wishes to remain anonymous. 

“I am from the little pink house on Coburn Lane, from Peter Pan

peanut butter and grape jelly mixed together in a cup and

slapped on a piece of Wonder bread.

I am from a house so clean that supper could be served on the floor.

I am ivies, peace lilies, and aloe vera plants.

I am from Brashers and Grangers, Olivia and Viola- a lineage of

proud folks where the women have full lips, wide hips, and

don’t take no shit!!

From, I brought you in this world, and if you get too big for your

britches, I will take you out of it, sweet potato pies and gumbo.

I am from the Lousiana swamps, the backwaters, home of the

coon asses, From the family who ruled with a firm hand

integrity and love, the hard-working cotton pickers, nannies,

who showed me liberation through education.

I am from a foreign far away land, though my body is here, my soul lingers there.”

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