Spotlight – Vivian and Ralph Jacobson – Notable Supporters of Sandhills

viviana nd ralph jacobson.jpg“I always say that anything you want to accomplish in life you can do in Moore County,” says author Vivian Jacobson who moved here from Chicago in 1990 with her husband Ralph, a retired attorney. “Much of the credit goes to Sandhills Community College. We see the results! This college is a great learning center and has helped to make this a wonderful area.”

As Guarantors of The Sandhills Foundation, Vivian and Ralph Jacobson are helping to make sure the positive impact of the community college continues. A fellowship that the Jacobsons recently created so faculty can participate in UNC-Chapel Hills’ World War II Studies seminars and Appalachian State University’s summer institute in Holocaust Studies is just the latest example of their generous support.

As lecturers at venues worldwide, the Jacobsons also personally share their rich heritage and life experiences. Mr. Jacobson is a Holocaust survivor and speaks of his father’s murder and of Kristallnacht, a 1938 event of concentrated violence by Nazis throughout Germany and Austria. He has been recognized by The Chamber of Commerce in Moore County by winning the Janet A. Powell Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012. Mrs. Jacobson lectures on her years spent working with artist Marc Chagall, the subject of her book entitled “Sharing Chagall: A Memoir.” She also served as a Sandhills faculty member, teaching Hebrew and classes on Chagall.

Before they decided to move here, the couple checked out area libraries, including the Boyd Library at Sandhills. “Our love for the college has been ongoing ever since,” states Mrs. Jacobson.

In fact, the couple celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 1997 with a reception at the Boyd Library where they dedicated a Hebraic and Judaic collection of books that now circulates through North Carolina educational institutions.

“Being of the Jewish faith, education is very meaningful so it is important for us to support Sandhills and the excellent work Dr. John Dempsey and the entire college do,” points out Mrs. Jacobson. “The ROI – return on investment – is high for every dollar that goes to Sandhills Community College.”

-“50/50” 2012

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