Spotlight – Franklin Bradley Morrison – A Sandhills Legacy

franklin morrisonThe word “community” absolutely stands out as the middle name of Sandhills Community College, according to people like Franklin Bradley Morrison, who serves as a Day Housekeeping Supervisor at the college.

“This place is like a home outside your own home,” he says. “Everybody lives in the surrounding areas but we’re our own community right here. We care about one another. When one person has trouble, we all try to help. When something good happens to someone, we share in the happiness.”

Mr. Morrison has been a staff member at Sandhills since 1996 when he came to work in the maintenance department. Strong and talented, Morrison advanced to his current position.

In 2007, Mr. Morrison, a lifetime resident of Taylortown, was named Staff Member of the Year. When asked about his award, he exhibits his usual humble spirit when he says, “I guess I did something right.”

Whenever the opportunity has come to train a new employee, Mr. Morrison says he tells them that working for Sandhills is the best place they can be. “Everybody will treat you well, and that’s the faculty, students, staff and administration,” he tells new workers.

Mr. Morrison, an Army veteran, has a large family including three children and more than a dozen grandchildren. In addition to them, he enjoys his family at Sandhills Community College just as much. “It’s the type of place where Dr. Dempsey greets you by name and asks about your family,” he reports.

“This campus is beautiful but even more important, it’s a friendly place,” he says.


-Original Source “50/50” 2012

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