Spotlight – Dr. Charles Phillips – A Sandhills Legacy

charles phillips.jpgIn his many years as a surgeon at Moore Regional Hospital, Charles Phillips, M.D. frequently encountered employees who benefited from a Sandhills Community College education. “Sandhills is a first class supplier of technicians for area hospitals,” Dr. Phillips says. “It was a joy to see the success stories of so many people, including those who began at Sandhills Community College and then went on to earn another degree.”

Dr. Phillips, now age 90, should also feel a strong sense of pride in those successes since he was deeply involved in the beginnings of Sandhills.

“In the 1960s, I was running for a local school board and there was a discussion about three districts merging,” he recalls. “When Dr. Bill Hollister, Lamont Brown and I went to the State Board of Education, we met Dr. Raymond Stone and were quite impressed with him. We later recommended him to head up the new community college being started.”

The influence of Dr. Phillips, who also served as Chairman of the Moore County Commissioners, continued. He approached one of his patients, Mary Luman Meyer, about the idea of donating some of her property for the college. “She was always thinking about other people and was a delightful lady,” Dr. Phillips said. “She donated 230 acres on the dividing line between Southern Pines and Pinehurst for Sandhills Community College.”

Dr. Phillips served as the Director of Health Sciences at Sandhills in the late 1970s. Education has always been important to him, especially because he is the father of six, grandfather of ten and great-grandfather of 20.

He says that, from the start, the success of Sandhills has been focusing on the student. “The student is Number One and the college makes sure they have an excellent curriculum to meet students’ needs,” Dr. Phillips says. “Equally important, the people at Sandhills work hard to help students obtain the financing they need for college.”

-Original Source “50/50” 2012

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