The Civil War You Never Knew

qpoaq2kp80c-chris-lawton.jpgWhat is the mythical connection between baseball and Ft. Sumter? Did you know that Lincoln’s law clerk was the first Union officer to die in the Civil War? Or that legal contracts signed in Troy, NY doomed the British ships of the line in the Civil War? What really killed “Stonewall” Jackson? In a series of talks, Dr. Matt Farina will discuss some of the fascinating lesser known stories behind the Civil War facts you learned in school years ago. Whether a Yankee or a Rebel, see how the Civil War shaped our world today. Class meets on Feb 23, Mar 9, Mar 23 & Apr 6.

Instructor: Dr. Matt Farina

Feb 23-Apr 6       TH       2-3:30pm       103 Van Dusen Hall, SCC      $25

Belle Meade & Pine Knoll

residents contact –

Lisa Mudd :   246-1018 


All other registrations


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