SCC Fire and Rescue Leadership Academy



May 1 – 5, 2017

This course will assist you in meeting the prerequisites required to attend the National Fire Academy’s Managing Officer Program. The Managing Officer Program can help you, as a
first- or mid-level officer/supervisor, jump-start professional development early on in your career or volunteer service. You will build on foundational management and technical competencies, learning to address issues of interpersonal and cultural sensitivity, professional ethics, and outcome-based performance.

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Are You Prepared To Lead?

This five-day course presents the Company Officer (CO) with the basic leadership skills and tools needed to perform effectively in the fire service environment. Day one of the course includes techniques and approaches to problem-solving, ways to identify and assess the needs of the CO’s subordinates, methods for running meetings effectively in the fire service environment, and decision-making skills for the CO. Day two of the course addresses ethics, use and abuse of power at the CO level, creativity in the fire service environment, and management of the multiple roles of the CO. Day three of the course covers when and how to delegate to subordinates, assess personal leadership styles through situational leadership, discipline subordinates, and apply coaching/motivating techniques. Day four of the course addresses use of creative approaches to identifying trends within their organizations; applying problem-solving methodologies; the importance and application of continuous improvement within organizations. Day five of the course will finish up with how to quantify problems and solutions; factors in organizational and individual resistance to change; and strategies for implementing change. The course incorporates facilitated, student-centered methodologies, including lecture, small and large group activities, and individual assessments.


NFA LEADERSHIP I – Mon. May 1, 0900-1800, Tuesday, May 2, 0800-1000                   

NFA LEADERSHIP II – Tues. May 2nd 1000-1800, Wed. May 3rd 0800-1100  

NFA LEADERSHIP III – Wed. May 3, 1100-1800, Thurs. May 4, 0800-1200

NFA SHAPING THE FUTURE  Thurs. May 4, 1300-1800, Fri. May 5, 0800-1300

Class enrollment limited to 50 students per class.

*You can register for one course or all courses offered for the week.  

Hotel funding assistance may be available for students that travel more than 40 miles and will be limited to the first 25 applicants that meet the criteria.

Course Contact:

Michelle Bauer, Sandhills Fire & Rescue Director, (910) 695-3774

 Course Location:

Sandhills Community College, 3395 Airport Road, Pinehurst, NC 28374

Van Dusen Hall Room(s) 102-103 



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