Kamilah Douglas

Kamilah Douglas’ experiences at Sandhills clearly represent the college’s new tagline of “Learn. Engage. Belong.” Beginning as a student without a high school diploma, Kamilah obtained her equivalency at Sandhills. She went on to enroll in the Human Services program.

“My program instructors, Patricia Harris and Carol Hoffman are amazing women,” Kamilah raves. “They made learning fun, entertaining, and they taught with passion. Whenever they put forth an assignment they taught us to understand each and every point about the assignment and made learning personal. Not only do I admire them as teachers, but most of all, these are two women are ultimate role-models.”

Kamilah has noble aspirations. Even though she currently works 47-55 hours each week at the Hoke County Department of Social Services and manages a home with two school-aged children, her heart’s desire is to open a residential treatment center where she can help unwanted or abused children and homeless individuals. She would like to give such people a stable environment while they get their lives in order and see to it that children are not forced to live in one location after the other. Family is important to Kamilah, and family is how she describes Sandhills.

“The faculty and staff make students feel they are part of a family,” she said. “ We are not a number, but respected as a person. Everyone cares about the students, not just the instructors. Those in the Financial Aid Office, the Bookstore, the Tutoring Center, the cafeteria… they all make students feel a sense of belonging. They go above and beyond in their help to see students succeed. “Our instructors were never too busy to help with assignments, give directions and help as advisors. But they were more than that; they were parents, friends, prayer partners… they were more than what one can imagine. Class time was never dull, they taught beyond my expectation of the program. They brought life into the classroom and in some cases with people, they gave them life.”

After completing one class required for an associate degree, Kamilah would like to earn a bachelor’s degree and eventually a masters degree in social work.

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