A Fascinating Day at Sandhills


I had a fascinating day yesterday at Sandhills—observing a side of the college with which many of us are unfamiliar. Normally when one thinks of Sandhills, one thinks of a student in the Nursing Program, young people dining in the Student Center, people using the Library, or even a Flyers volleyball or basketball game. Yesterday, though, my two different Sandhills experiences each took place about 20 miles from campus.

In the morning, several of us went to Robbins to help SITUS observe the tenth anniversary of its founding. It is a very long story, but SITUS (which is an incredibly successful international financial services and commercial real estate company) wouldn’t be what it is, or where it is, without the help of Alan Duncan, Kirk Lynch, and a host of other Sandhills employees that helped them get started—and helped them bring a hundred really good jobs to the Robbins community. It was an inspirational visit.

In the late afternoon I went down to Raeford where Twana McKnight, Andi Korte and Ronnie Patton were hosting a visit from the North American President of Unilever (a worldwide company whose Raeford plant has worked closely with our Workforce Development team to improve their productivity and make them one of the most efficient Unilever plants in the world).  If you could have heard the Unilever folks talk about what our help has meant, and if you could have heard the Unilever employees talk about how our courses have made them better professionals, you would have been as proud as I was.  It was a wonderful presentation, and the Unilever executives were impressed well beyond their expectations. They expressed a desire to be Sandhills #1 client, and for Sandhills to be their #1 trainer.

All in all, a wonderful day for me as President, and one that reminded me how broad a reach our college has. Our employees can be proud of the work we do, and of the extent to which we continue to improve lives in our community—whether those lives are studying history or biology or welding on our campus or working in the businesses in our community. I am extremely proud of all those who work at this phenomenal college.

One thought on “A Fascinating Day at Sandhills

  1. David Francis says:

    As a local citizen attending college (SCC) for the second time in my life (1970’s), I see the differences that having community colleges located within easy reach of the more rural areas of North Carolina have made in our younger generation. Back in the day, the “shining city on a hill” in educational terms was either in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greensboro or Wake Forest, among others. Today, Sandhills Community College is our own “shining city on a hill” to thousands of students whom, otherwise, might not have the opportunity to attend such a “shining city” or to experience its dream for the future of our community and state.


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