Who Keeps Our Campus Safe?

Moving from a Security Department to The Police and Public Safety Department in 2010, the campus Police are poised to provide a quick response to incidents on campus and offer campus-specific services not necessarily available from local policing organizations. The college staffs its own professional police officers and is responsible for campus safety and law enforcement. Under North Carolina State Law, these officers possess full police powers on all property owned or occupied by the college. The department also operates under a written mutual aid agreement with the Southern Pines Police Department, which gives each department concurrent jurisdiction under special circumstances although primary jurisdictional areas are routinely respected. Sandhills police officers have direct radio contact with Moore County Communications. The officers not only keep students and employees safe, they are friends to those on campus. Whether it is helping a student jump-start a dead battery, responding to calls for service, or teaching workshops on safety, their presence is appreciated each and every day.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.12.13 PM.png

The Sandhills Community College Police Department from left to right: John Mattson, Joe Steppe, Rick Bickel, Dwight Threet, Cindy White, Dion Hice and Carroll Rickard.

Stay tuned for posts on each individual officer!

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