Iona Fay & the Fire Keepers 

Book 2 in The Adventures of Iona Fay by Gayvin Powers

gayvin iona fay.png

Gayvin is Associate Director of Development in The Foundation and Alumni Relations at SCC. Aside from working her day job with a staff that Gayvin adores, she spends late nights and wee hours of the morning writing books for middle graders with the intention of inspiring young readers to believe in themselves.

Currently, Gayvin is running two promotions for The Adventure of Iona Fay series on GoodReads where anyone who enters has the chance to win a copy of Iona Fay: An Irish Fairy Tale (Book 1) or Iona Fay & the Fire Keepers (Book 2). To enter the contests, please click on Iona Fay or Iona Fay & the Fire Keepers.
Available March 1, 2017 at and The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines.

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