Student Clinics Offer Therapeutic Massage

Masseur doing massage on woman back in spa salon

In order to provide a thorough education in several of our programs, we offer public services performed by our students that give them hands-on practice in the field for which they are training. Each therapeutic massage student has passed a clinical competency prior to offering services to clients.

Our lab is located in Meyer Hall and is designed to ensure the privacy of each client. Each station has a curtain to protect each client’s modesty while getting on the massage table. All clients remain draped during the massage. Only the area of the body being massaged will be undraped during the massage.

Our students will review Clinic Policies with each client at their first session (updated annually). Clients are asked to review the massage upon completion to help the instructors evaluate student performance.

Each spring semester we offer :

Swedish Massage

Reflexology sessions are usually offered in January and include a 10-minute foot soak prior to a foot massage. Foot reflex points are applied systematically to enhance wellness in the entire body. This is a client favorite.

Sports Massage
Sports massage sessions are usually available in March. This massage will include a variety of strokes often with a faster speed on tissues commonly requiring faster repair due to the intense training schedule of athletes. The tissues addressed depend on the sport and type of athlete.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage sessions are usually available in March. We will not offer pregnancy massage to any clients in first trimester or any clients with a high-risk pregnancy.

$25       50-minute massage              Students, Faculty, and Staff of the College
$30       50-minute massage              General Public
Gift Certificates are available by request on Fridays only.

Make an Appointment
If you are interested in receiving a therapeutic massage, please email the Therapeutic Massage Clinic at

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