George Little

george little.jpgOne of the biggest strengths of Sandhills Community College is the team of dedicated leaders who have served on the Board of Trustees.

George W. Little, president of George W. Little & Associates, an insurance agency he founded in 1977, joined the Board in 1981 and in 1985 became its Chairman, an office he holds to this day.

“Sandhills has been fortunate to have consistent leadership in its half-century history,” says Mr. Little. “We have had only two presidents and three Board chairs in all that time. Most importantly, we have had outstanding board members who work for the best interests of Sandhills and the communities we serve.”

Mr. Little looks with pride on what the college offers, especially in terms of training the workforce. Having served as the Secretary of North Carolina’s Department of Natural and Economic Resources, Mr. Little is keenly aware of what it takes to recruit industry from around the world to North Carolina. “Having a trained workforce not only gives people the opportunity to better themselves but also is essential for attracting and retaining businesses,” he states.

“Our workforce training used to center more on manufacturing but as needs change so, too, does a good community college and Sandhills is a great community college,” he continues. “What we’re doing in training for the medical fields, high tech industries and other sectors makes this area attractive to business.”

Mr. Little says he feels privileged to have served as a Board member for over 30 years. He says the Board’s biggest challenge currently is funding. “Government funding is shrinking so we have to develop other resources and avenues of funding,” he reports. “All the colleges in the country face the same situation.”

He points out that Sandhills is a better institution because of the private support that’s already been given. “The Sandhills Community College Foundation is to be applauded for the work they do that significantly benefits our students and the college’s programs,” he says.  


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