Alumni Spotlight, Annie Tuck

anniePassion for the health and fitness fueled Annie Tucks desire to explore education options at Sandhills. “Combining my love of fitness with a career path has always been a dream of mine,” Annie said, “and Sandhills helped make it a reality.”

Originally from New York, Annie relocated to North Carolina after her parents moved to Pinehurst. She now resides in Colorado and works for the University of Colorado creating health and wellness programs for the student population.

Annie counts herself very fortunate to have received beneficial mentorship while living in North Carolina and appreciates the strong foundation she received at Sandhills that served to establish her career.

The strong sense of community and faculty’s desire to see students succeed stands out to Annie as a very special aspect of Sandhills.

She credits the Sandhills faculty as the key to her success. “I had an amazing experience with all of my instructors at Sandhills and I am so appreciative of the hard work they put in to motivate and inspire us. They truly care about seeing all students succeed and continuously go above and beyond to help students find the resources they need to be successful.”

“I love mentoring students in the health and wellness field as my teachers did at Sandhills,” Annie reveals.

The best part of her current job is how diverse her day can be. Between helping staff and students facilitate classes to the actual creation of programs and training, she says there is never a dull moment and always room to grow.

In her free time, Annie enjoys taking advantage of the innumerable outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

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