Alumni Spotlight, Samantha Branson

samantha-branson“Sandhills gave me a new perspective, a new life, and the promise of so much more,” proclaimed SCC Landscape and Gardening Alumni Samantha Branson. After high school, Branson tried her hand at Randolph CC and then UNC Greensboro but it wasn’t until she pursued her love of gardening at SCC did she feel content in her career choice.

“The landscape gardening program taught me what I could not learn in any classroom.” Branson is thankful for her supportive instructors and the hands-on learning that fully immersed her in the program. During a summer field trip to Longwood and Chanticleer Gardens, Branson was inspired to “push the boundaries of traditional gardens.”

Currently the horticulture technician for the Kid Zone at the NC Zoo, Branson cares for the butterfly garden and creates fun programs for the children.

She loves baking and creating healthy recipes, “that don’t taste healthy” as well as traveling and hiking with her partner and fellow SCC LSG alumni, Shawn Beavers.

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