Gayvin Powers

15337529_10210405917257186_9016524136381149087_n.jpgWith her favorite quote being one of boldness by Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing,” Gayvin Powers has chosen to have such a mindset. By doing so, she says that any day can be special, unique, and an adventure. And each day at the college is as unique as the one before.

“Nothing is typical around here – we have to be ready for anything.

“I do what I love, work is fun for me. In addition to creating and managing marketing for The Foundation, I am also the Alumni Relations Director. I am allowed to be creative, and I love that. Joseph Campbell said to “follow your bliss” and that is absolutely what I have done.”

Gayvin attended a junior college in California prior to transferring to USC for her undergraduate degree. She received her graduate degree from the American Film Institute.

Gayvin is also a writer of adventure stories for middle school-aged children. Iona Fay & The Fire Keepers, the second book in her Iona Fay series, will be released soon.

“My books have a strong heroine, designed to help young readers believe in themselves,” she said.

Gayvin has a 12-year-old son who says he would like to one day attend the culinary program at the college. She recently surprised her friends and coworkers at the college by eloping.

The first book in the Iona Fay series can be purchased on Amazon.

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