Germaine Elkins

13926031_10155013007259409_2483180426721561135_o.jpgGermaine Elkins was an O’Neal School graduate who tried her hand at college right after graduation. “I just didn’t take it seriously enough,” she said.After working a few years, she decided that she needed a college degree. “I got serious and came to college at Sandhills,” she said.

“I had a wonderful experience at Sandhills and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2001. I then went on to UNC-Wilmington and received my BA in Sociology in 2003. I wrote my senior thesis on risk factors and their impacts on higher and secondary education students’ performance in school. Having struggled with college the first time around, what drives students to be successful in education was something that I found fascinating.”

Germaine began at Sandhills in 2007. She has held every position in The Foundation, starting as Associate Director of Outreach, moving to Director of Operations and Scholarship Programs in 2010, and is now the Executive Director.

“I absolutely love my job,” she said.” There is nothing like knowing that the effort I put into my work makes it possible for more people to go to college and be more successful in life.

“And no two days are the same. We may be organizing a special event one day and talking to someone interested in starting a new scholarship the next; we’re making friends and inviting people to the college to see what an incredible place this is; we’re stewarding funds to be sure they are used the right way, and the next day we’re thinking of new and interesting ways to help students and faculty by bringing more resources to the classroom. It’s pretty incredible.”

Germaine likes to hike and run and she and her husband Phill have a three-year old daughter who keeps them quite busy.

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