Alumni Spotlight, Jack Alvarado

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-44-30-amJack Alvarado’s journey has been a long and arduous one, taking him from heroic military service to homelessness to employment with a bright and hopeful future.

As a US Army veteran who completed two tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Alvarado had a difficult time transitioning to civilian life and found himself homeless and living out of his car.

He was able to earn a commercial driver’s license from a for-profit college and found a job driving trucks. Having long had an interest in welding, he considered going back to college. He came to Sandhills and enrolled in the Welding I course. Noting his exemplary skill and perfect attendance, his instructor encouraged him to apply for a scholarship that awards successful and determined Continuing Education students. Alvarado landed a welding job at a prominent welding company shortly after enrolling in Welding II where he works to this day. Jack speaks very highly of the Continuing Education Trades programs. “I had very good experiences at Sandhills,” he said. “The instructors were very kind and willing to assist.”

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