Adam Ferguson

afergusonAdam Ferguson hails from Cameron, attended Union Pines High School, and then went to Sandhills where he took his first fire and rescue courses before transferring to UNCW. In addition to teaching Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue classes at Sandhills, Ferguson, works full-time at the Fayetteville Fire Department and part-time at Cypress Pointe Fire Department. “I started in the fire service sixteen years ago simply because my neighbor asked me if I would like to go to the local volunteer fire department with him.”

He views teaching for Sandhills as, “an opportunity to give back the emergency services in my community.” The classes are very technical and advanced but despite the challenge, he knows they are critical for emergency personnel to learn and does his best to create exciting demonstrations that are easy for students understand.

Ferguson takes advantage of any free time he has by spending it with his wife and son as well as going hunting and fishing. He has a deep appreciation for the fire and rescue services community as well as the ability to constantly learn and hopes to obtain a Master’s degree in the future.

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