SCC Welcomes Cross Country and Jef Moody

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 2.37.45 PM.pngJef Moody has covered enough miles as a runner in his lifetime to take him around the world five times.

Now the much-accomplished athlete, coach and educator from Southern Pines has an opportunity to blaze more trails as the coach of the new men’s and women’s cross country teams at Sandhills Community College.

Highlights of a long coaching and teaching career include more than 15 years as a high school coach, 10 years as an assistant track and cross country coach at UNC-Pembroke and 27 years as a physical education teacher at Southern Pines Elementary School. As a runner he earned three national titles individually and one as a member of the team at Pembroke State.


“I’m excited about it,” Jef says of the opportunity. “For one thing, it’s something from the ground up that you can put your stamp on. And I think I can help a lot of kids, giving them a chance to see what running at the next level is all about and go on to four-year schools after that.

“One of the good things is all the trails there. I’ve been running them since 1970. They definitely played a part in my four national titles. I can’t think of any college near here that has a better area for training.”

Prospective runners should contact Athletic Director Aaron Denton at 910-246-4121 or or Head Coach Jef Moody at 910-724-3814 or

-Karen Manning

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