Judy Hines

judy hines.jpgLike Brenda, Judy Hines came to Sandhills as a student after the closing of her place of employment. She earned an Associate in Applied Science in Information Systems and came on-board in the Learning Resource Center. As the Supervisor she helps the students with homework, computer questions and helps maintain the computers in Boyd Library. She also proctors exams. Judy especially enjoys meeting students and being able to help them on a daily basis. She finds that getting to work a bit early, before the students come in, she can make sure everything is working probably. Making a little time for herself helps her get in the right frame of mind for the day. Judy likes the helpfulness and friendship demonstrated by those who work at Sandhills. “It seems that everyone who works here knows and are concerned about each other,” she said. “It’s nice to realize that so many care, even if you do not see them every day or even work in their area.” When not at work, Judy relishes being with her children and grandchildren. The beach is one of her most favorite places to relax.

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