Alumni Spotlight, Jessica Faulk

After majoring in Landscape Gardening, this Lee County High School graduate opened JJ’s Place Greenhouse & Nursery in Tramway. She also has a location on Broadway.

Jessica now stays very busy stocking her nursery, serving customers, making deliveries and keeping her plants healthy.screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-56-14-am

She remembers the fun she had and camaraderie she experienced while in the program. “The instructors and classmates become a part of your family,” she said. “My favorite memories are from the competitions we participated in when we traveled to Atlanta my first year and Chicago the next. The National Collegiate Landscape Competition sees students from over 60 landscape gardening programs throughout the nation competing in a good number of events.


“Attending Sandhills was the best decision I ever made. While enrolled and even after graduation, the instructors and fellow students are there to help. We received exceptional training, especially through all the hands-on experiences. If there was something I didn’t learn, at least they taught me how to find the answers.”

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