Saving Money, Saving the Environment

Imagine being able to save over $7 million in utilities – guaranteed. And to save over $100,000 before you are expected to even begin reaping the rewards of your efforts.

By the end of this year, the college and Constellation Energy will wrap up a multi-year project designed to substantially reduce utility costs now and well into the future.

The contract agreement contains a comprehensive list of energy- saving improvements and construction work at the main campus, the Sandhills Hoke Center and the James H. Garner Center for Community Education and is guaranteed to save the college more than $7 million in utilities over the next 19-years.

An intensive energy audit was conducted with utility and maintenance costs being reviewed and ef ciency evaluated.

“The money saved in
utilities eventually pays for the project,” said Facilities Director Doug Smith, “and,
in the meantime, we are improving our campuses and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Doug and his team worked to coordinate construction crews to get the most accomplished while minimizing the disturbance to classrooms and labs when classes were being conducted or to locations where special events were being held.

The savings were expected to begin in 2017 but
the college has already experienced over $100,00 in unanticipated utility savings in 2016!

-Karen Manning, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Performance Contract Graphic-01.jpeg

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