Why Your Vote Matters

With election day quickly approaching, we wanted to give you a friendly reminder that YOUR vote does matter. In the article, “10 Reasons Why Your Vote Matters-Now Than Ever,” Huffington Post states that in 2012, “Only 46 percent of 18-35 year-olds eligible to vote actually got themselves to a polling place…” With North Carolina being a swing state, your vote as a resident is of huge importance. We very well could be the state that decides the outcome of the election.

We asked a few students to tell us why they are voting and why they believe their vote matters. SGA Secretary Kara Johnson would like to remind students, “Without voicing your opinion, you’re giving up one of your major rights as an American citizen.” Treasurer, Jalil Howard, chimed in his reason for voting is to represent his demographic. He stated the, “population of young African American males has low turn out,” and our rights to vote were fought for and well earned. SCC student Amber brings up a valid point stating she believes many people are apathetic and figure enough people will vote that your own personal vote is insignificant and don’t believe the election results will even affect them.

With all this being said, if you have yet to cast your vote we urge you to get informed and join the millions who have already voted for our next president. Some informative websites are, isidewith.com. ontheissues.org and politifact.com. Abbey, a student at SCC said it best, You can’t complain about who is president if you didn’t vote.” Tomorrow is election day, see you at the polls!

For more reasons why your votes matters, visit Huffington Post for their full article.

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