Eat, Sleep, Hoop, Repeat

Flyers Basketball is off to an amazing start. They finished the weekend with an impressive 3-0. Despite the fact they did not return to SCC until 3 am Friday night/Saturday morning because their bus broke down, the Flyers managed a 105-98 victory at Saturday’s game against Southside Community College!

Athletic Director Aaron Denton proudly informed SCC staff and faculty of Sophomore Jeremias Easterling, who set a Flyers record Saturday with 25 rebounds bettered it one day later with 26!

The next home game is Friday Nov. 11th against Prince George CC at 7pm. As well as Saturday, Nov. 12th at 3 pm and Monday, Nov. 14th at 7 pm. Hope to see you in the Hanger!

For the full stories on the past Flyers games please visit, There you will find all information regarding athletics at SCC including team schedules.

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