The Dreaded, “Tell Me About Yourself”

Here is a list of 10 ways to tell potential employers about yourself. These are also perfect responses to questions you may be asked during an interview. This question allows you to give a short speech all about you: who you are, what you do, and why you should be hired.

  1. “The three best words to describe me are…” Grabs their attention immediately. Demonstrates your ability to be concise, creative, and compelling.
  2. “My favorite quote is…” Proves that personal development is an essential part if your growth plan. Shows your ability to motivate yourself.
  3. “My personal philosophy is…” This line indicates your position as a thinker, not just an employee.
  4.  “People who know me best say I am…” This response offers insight into your own level of self-awareness.
  5.  “Well I googled myself this morning and here’s what I found…” Tech savy, fun people would say this. Unexpected and memorable, it’s a great way to create a relaxed environment.
  6. “I am passionate about…” Most employers care more about who you are vs what you do. What you’re passionate about is who you are. Plus passion unearths enthusiasm.
  7.  “When I was growing up (a child, certain age etc) I always wanted to be…” Answers like this show you’ve been preparing for this job for your entire life, not just the night before.
  8.  “If Hollywood made a movie about my life it would be called…” Engaging, interesting, and entertaining.
  9. “How about I show you instead of telling you?” Then pull something out of your pocket  that represents who you are. Who could resist or forget the answer?
  10.  “The compliment people give me most frequently is …” Almost like a testimonial, this response also indicates self-awareness and openness to feedback.

Now is your chance to break away from the typical mundane interview answers and respond with something intriguing, creative, and concise. Make yourself stand out from the crowd by leaving an impression thats bound to get you hired!

Visit the Career Center on campus in Blue Hall for help with career development including job hunting, resume advice, and more interview tips and tricks!

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