Alumni Spotlight, Adam Lachance

Originally from New Hampshire, Adam Lachance joined the Military at age 21 and was stationed at Ft. Bragg. After leaving the military, he was unsure of what career to pursue but knew he needed an education. A ten-year gap in his education made the transition to a college a bit intimidating.adam

But Adam now enthusiastically declares, “Sandhills made the transition comfortable and stress-free. Every instructor and employee was very personable and went out of his or her way to make sure every student had what they needed to succeed.”

Health and Fitness Science was not a career path Adam had thought to pursue, but after speaking with Program Coordinator Shelby Basinger, his interest was sparked.

Adam felt the professors at Sandhills did a fantastic job preparing him for his career. The faculty’s enthusiasm presenting material “made it very easy to develop a passion…and take pride in what you do,” Adam recalls.

Currently, Adam is completing his master’s degree in Exercise Physiology with a focus on strength and conditioning at The University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. A very high standard is placed on students in the accelerated program at the University and Adam credits his success to the education and support he received while studying at Sandhills. “I have no doubt that Sandhills played a pivotal role in prepping me for further education at a higher level.”

Luckily, an internship with the Miami Dolphins Football team turned into a full-time Sports Performance Assistant position. He now performs research on training methods that will better optimize the athlete’s performance.

In between classes and work, Adam keeps up on his career by reading the newest research in the field. “I’m happy with where I am currently, but I plan to continue to work my way up the ladder and be the best I can in my field.”

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